Join The Content Powerhouse Academy to get everything you need to run a thriving content repurposing business.

Are you ready to ditch the hourly hustle, and sign your first (or next) content repurposing client in 90 days?


It's time to level-up.

They're looking for niched-down content pros who have the strategies, skills, and systems to help them get BIG results with their content.

High-ticket clients don't hire general VAs for content.

because #realtalk… 
  • You’re attracting low-budget clients who can only afford $200/month contracts

  • Being your client’s “right-hand woman” is getting exhausting - you're wearing too many hats, juggling tasks, and constantly being on-call

  • You have no system for consistently signing clients…and competing with 100s of other VAs on Upwork and in Facebook groups is demoralizing 

You started your business for freedom. But now, you're working too hard, and making too little.

let me guess...

And in the online business world, where entrepreneurs make most of their money through social media and content marketing…

They’re looking for content repurposing superstars to help them build their empires. 

It’s time to specialize in an in-demand niche that clients are paying top-dollar for.

But here’s the tea…

They aren't out here hunting for just any VA.

They’re looking for experts.

They want to hire POWERHOUSES 🔥 

It’s time to learn the high-level content repurposing skills, systems, and strategies so you can ATTRACT these clients…

…and get out of the low-paid VA trap for good!

High-ticket clients are willing to invest the big bucks for content because they KNOW it moves the needle in their business. 

And now I’m going to help you do the same. 

From being a broke-as-a-joke VA to niching down into content repurposing, booking out my services, and even bringing on a team to keep up with demand…

I know a thing or two about how to pivot into the content repurposing space, successfully.

I was one of the first repurposing pros on the scene (way back in 2019!) and have worked with dozens of 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs to scale their empires through content marketing.

I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars with content repurposing skills. 

☕️ You wake up, have a relaxing morning, and then get started on your client work for the day.

🎙️You get to create creative content for inspiring entrepreneurs - podcasters, educators, coaches.

✨ You get to binge their content and pick out their golden nuggets of wisdom so you can help them grow their communities.

💗 Your clients genuinely respect you, value you, and are continuously singing your praises and talk about you to ALL their biz bffs.

💰You've got your packages on lock and have finally signed the 4-figure retainer you've been dreaming of.

⚙️ You have systems that help your business run like a well-oiled machine...meaning you're able to spend more time on your hobbies, traveling the world or getting quality time with family.

⚡️ You're making a full-time income from your biz and your client list is growing by the may even need to bring on an associate content creator soon to keep up with demand! an in-demand content repurposing pro 👇🏽


…so you can sign your first (or next) repurposing client in 90 days.

The ONLY program on the market that not only teaches you HOW to repurpose content for clients, but also teaches you how package, market and sell your service…

The Content Powerhouse Academy

It’s All Possible When You Join…

Daily support M-F in our Facebook group. Get your questions answered, post your assignments for review, and even get access to job listings and opportunities! 


6 Live Bi-weekly coaching calls to give you personalized support on anything you're struggling with in your business!

Live Coaching

5 Modules packed with lessons on everything you need to know to become a repurposing whiz, and a profitable business owner, too!

The complete blueprint

in the content powerhouse academy

what's included
  • Learn how the mindset shifts needed to grow from assistant to expert so you can confidently attract clients and charge higher prices

  • Get my content strategy secrets so you can create highly strategic content for your clients and turn them into raving fans

  • Learn what pillar content is and how to make sure your clients are giving you GREAT pillar content so your life becomes 1000x easier

  • Become an analytics master so you can make data-driven content decisions

module 1: foundations & strategy

You’ll get everything you need to build a profitable content repurposing business… 

  • The ins and outs of creating a repurposing process, so you can create consistent results for clients every time (PLUS example workflows for you to swipe!)

  • How to repurpose audio and video content into engaging, SEO-formatted blogs, email newsletters, graphics, videos and captions that convert like crazy

  • Content writing formulas so you can easily plug your client content into my proven templates

module 2: BECome a repurposing whiz

  • The biggest do’s and don’ts when it comes to niching to make sure you ACTUALLY stand out

  • How to do market research so you create in-demand packages your clients are craving

  • My best packaging strategies so you can start making MORE money while working fewer hours

  • A super simple client funnel you can set up in just 90 minutes so you can start booking clients STRAIGHT AWAY

module 4: Market Yourself Online Like a Content Expert

module 3: Package Like a Pro

  • Create a content schedule that helps you amp up your visibility and get noticed by your ideal clients WITHOUT having to spend all day on Instagram

  • Strategies to create authority-building content and embrace video so you start to become known as the GO-TO content pro

  • How to create a simple lead generation system so you can hit your client and income goals every single month (PLUS a plug-and-play lead tracker template so you can make sure you never let a lead slip through the cracks!)
  • How to create a smooth onboarding and workflow process so you WOW your clients from the start

  • How to set your clients up with a project management tool so you can easily collect their content and collaborate (all without long, confusing email threads!)

  • Fool-proof strategies to help you keep track of and execute your OWN content ideas so that you’re showing up and staying top of mind for potential clients

  • Templates in Asana/Trello and Airtable so you can literally plug-and-play my own systems and save you hours and hours!

module 5: profitable client & content systems

brittany h.
Cpa student



The Content Powerhouse Academy program helped me successfully pivot my business and gave me the confidence & skills I needed to land my first role. Because of what I have learned inside the program, I was able to gain clarity in my offerings, develop a new offer AND pitch myself to a dream client!

"I signed my dream client!"

EVERY single online biz owner basically needs content repurposing. But what REALLY makes me excited about the program is that Emma goes above and beyond to help you with not just content repurposing, but also getting your services in front of your audience. She provides an amazing level of support, which was SO important to me as a first-time participant.

I've gained new skills that my ideal clients are looking for and have already booked clients with these add-ons. I'm so grateful for all Emma has done to help me ROCK my online biz!

I waited for months on the Content Powerhouse Academy and it exceeded ALL of my expectations!! I feel confident and fully equipped to offer content repurposing services AND I even signed my highest retainer client to DATE (which paid for the course in just 1 month!)
This program is so thorough and Emma is super supportive! I highly recommend!



It doesn’t matter what you decide to call yourself! 

If you want to learn a seriously in-demand skill, and make good money offering it, you’re in the right place.

  • Virtual Assistants
  • Online Business Managers
  • Content Writers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Podcast Managers

If you’re wondering if CPA is for you, these are just a few of the types of freelancers we’ve worked with:

is this for me?

frequently asked questions

Is this a course or a coaching program?​

​The Content Powerhouse Academy is an 3-month group coaching program. Not only do you get access to our core curriculum and a library of bonus classes, but you'll also get 6 group coaching sessions..

We’ll have our bi-weekly group coaching call where you can come and get support around the curriculum or anywhere you’re stuck in business!

You’ll be getting ALL the support you need to build a thriving content repurposing business.


The lessons will be approximately an hour and you should expect to put in at least a couple of hours a week IMPLEMENTING the program (i.e. working on your packages, developing your marketing, developing your systems, etc).

Remember: this is not just “time spent working on a course”. This is time spent BUILDING your content repurposing business.

Will this PROGRAM work for overseas VAs/freelancers?

YES! The incredible thing about building a POWERHOUSE content brand is that details such as where you’re from become irrelevant.

Together, we will work to find you clients who appreciate you based on your value and expertise, whether you’re based in the USA, The Philippines, India - you name it.

What kind of skills/prerequisites are required to join the Content Powerhouse Academy?

You do NOT already need to know how to repurpose content to take this course. I will be teaching you my exact process! You’ll get training in content strategy, writing blogs, email newsletters, social media captions, and graphics/videos.

The beautiful thing about content repurposing is that there are SO many ways you can take it. If you’re more focused on writing, you can choose that route, but if you prefer graphics and videos, you can hone in on those content forms.

You don’t need to be an expert in everything and you’ll be getting lots of training!

I want to join the Academy, but I’ve never booked a client before. Will this course work for me?

If you haven’t booked a client before, you are absolutely in the right place! You’ll be learning in-demand skills clients are hiring for, as well as how to position, market and sell your services to clients.

I am teaching you how to build a freelance content repurposing business from the ground up!

How much support will I get from you?

At the price point of just $849 (paid in full) the amount of support you will get from me is unparalleled.

You will be getting 6 group coaching calls where you can ask ANY question or talk about any issue you’re struggling with - and I will give you my full attention.

Plus, there is always our student Facebook group that I will be checking daily if you are ever stuck or need guidance. You’ll be receiving prompts, challenges and accountability check-ins too.

This is the exact OPPOSITE of a digital course where you get no support from the creator. I will be supporting you every step of the way.
There has never been a way to get my eyes and expertise on your business at such a low price point.

OR, if you haven’t even started your business yet, or are in a totally different field, this course will help you kickstart your new career path as a content repurposing pro. ​

What are the program dates?

As soon as you purchase, you will have access to the program curriculum so you can dive into the modules straight away! Live support in The Facebook Group will start Monday, November 6th. You will get live support from me for 3 months, from November 6th to February 8th.


Coaching calls will be every other Thursday at 3:00 pm EST starting on Thursday, November 16th. We will aim to keep them to 1 hour long. You can still get your questions answered if you can't make it live. You’ll have the opportunity to submit your question in advance and I will be sure to answer it on the call. All of the calls will be recorded and uploaded to the course platform after the fact so you can go and rewatch whenever it is convenient for you.

how long will i have access to the program curriculum? Will my access expire?

You will have lifetime access to the course curriculum, including anything we add in down the line! This means you can come back and revisit the material whenever you need :) 

Learn how to master the Instagram algorithm and get Jenna’s sneaky caption hacks to increase your engagement!

BONUS #2: Dominate The Instagram Algorithm, with Jenna Warriner

Learn why Pinterest is the optimal social network to take advantage of content repurposing & how to leverage your client’s content even further by gaining visibility, traffic, and email subscribers.


In Addition to The Content Powerhouse Academy, You'll Also Receive...


Learn how to create website copy that has your ideal clients thinking, "OMG, I need this yesterday!". I'll walk you through the framework for a high-converting sales page for your service.


Learn how to create engaging audiograms AND steal Valery’s organized workflow for podcast management and repurposing. She’ll also give you her best podcast management tools!

Bonus #3: Podcast Manage Like A Pro, With Valery

Please see terms and conditions for more details. We will have to see that you've engaged with the program material before deciding the program isn't for you.

I am confident you're going to love this program. But if you hop into the Content Powerhouse Academy and start going through the material and realize it's not your thing, please email and we will issue you a refund.

Our Promise

14-day guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

14 DAY

Cpa student



In the Content Powerhouse Academy, I developed a new social media repurposing offer signed a new client right away! I was also able to upsell one of my existing clients on podcast repurposing. After taking the lessons on turning podcasts into blogs, I pitched the idea to my client during a call and she hired me on the spot!

The Content Powerhouse Academy was exactly what I was looking for at a time when I was desperately looking to pivot and niche down in my business. Emma is incredibly supportive and does everything she can to ensure your questions are answered and that you’re well-prepared to launch your business. Thanks to this program I’ve been able to confidently sign repurposing clients and add-on services knowing that my work will get them results.
I encourage anyone wanting to take the plunge, this program is totally worth it!

I 100% recommend The Content Powerhouse Academy. Emma has something for everyone in this course - whether you want to specialize in writing, or video, it doesn’t matter! And she also shows you how to actually build and market your business, which is SO helpful. I was even able to sign a new client with these skills on the second month in the program! And recently, I’ve even gone back to the curriculum to help me launch a new repurposing offer that I’m SUPER excited about and have already sold to my current clients. If you’re thinking about joining the Content Powerhouse Academy, do it - I met amazing women through the program and gained lifelong skills!


"I’ve been able to confidently sign repurposing clients knowing that my work will get them results."

"I LANDED A RETAINER CLIENT THE 2nd Month in the program!"


3 monthly payments

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To Sign Your Next Content Repurposing Client in 90 Days