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If you’re anything like most of my clients, you’re ALREADY creating amazing content…there’s no need to reinvent the wheel!

Whether you have a juicy podcast, produce binge-worthy YouTube content, or consider yourself a Livestream Queen, me and my team can work behind the scenes to multiply your content and grow your audience with ease.


I run Content By Em 

Hi, I’m Emma!

Build up a library of content that can be used again and again

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Lillian Pierson - Founder & CEO, Data-Mania LLC

On average, Emma's service saves me anywhere from 7 to 15 hours a week.

Mili Velikova - Business Coach

The content Emma wrote sounded exactly like me (just better organized!) + it was ENGAGING.

Yasmine Salem Hamdan - Founder & CEO, Coaches & Company

I was particularly impressed with how well Emma was able to capture my brand voice. She totally nailed the style and tone I was going for!

Seryna Myers - Sacred Soul Mentor

 It was such a relief to be able to hand over something I'd done, and leverage so much more from it, without having to do all that work myself.

Lillian Pierson - Founder & CEO, Data-Mania LLC

Since Emma started creating and publishing content for my website, key metrics like traffic, time on page and conversions have all gone up.

Alison Solar - Kitchen and Bath Designer & Coach

Emma really helped to grow my company's brand awareness and social media presence. 

Jennifer Sanjines - Web Designer

Emma was able to match my voice perfectly and produce what would have taken me hours and hours!

Tamalla Mallet - Intuitive Empowerment Coach

Emma’s ability to take my content and clearly create a blog, newsletter, and social posts from it was eye-opening and expansive for me.

Amanda Muhammed - Stress Management Consultant

Emma's service is such an easy and pleasant experience…it’s a total no brainer!

Kind Words

Turn One Piece of Content into 25

Grab My Free Repurposing Checklist

Ready to explode your visibility without the overwhelm?

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