You NEED to be consistently publishing high-quality content to grow your biz,

but there are only so many hours in the day…

Let me guess.

“AGH. I forgot to post to Instagram!”

You realize it’s been more than a week since you put out a post… 

And your weekly blog and email newsletter? Let’s not even go there.

Cue the #ContentShame. 🙈

But they didn’t quite “get” your voice and you still had to spend hours delegating and managing your new team member.

The reality is, you simply haven’t found a way to produce content in a way that gets you real results without draining all of your precious time (and creative energy!)

You may have even tried to hire someone for content creation in the past.

Until now.

You’re about to close your laptop after another busy day doing all.the.things and suddenly, panic sets in.

Let’s get you off the content creation hamster wheel, shall we?

I’m the founder and Lead Content Writer at Content By Em, a boutique content studio I created to help online entrepreneurs build their thought leadership and grow their online authority through powerful online content.

We specialize in turning your audio and video content into engaging blog posts, email newsletters and social media copy + graphics.

To me, successful marketing isn’t about producing MORE content.

It’s time you built a SUSTAINABLE content marketing system that helps you get the most out of every piece of content you create. And I’m here to help you do that!

I’m Emma Wolno (your new content BFF)

Welcome to

How It Works

You send us a 4 pieces of audio or video content by the 3rd of each month (these can be new pieces you’ve created or something from your existing content library)

Behind the scenes, my team and I work to repurpose your content into 4 content bundles with blogs, newsletters and social copy

We deliver your 4 completed content bundles the last Monday of the month and now you've got 36 high-value pieces of content for the month, in various formats and mediums!

Ready to stop staring at a blinking cursor trying to come up with words?

Let us (and your past content greatness!) do the hard work.

Emma is fantastic! She is always professional in her communication, and very warm and friendly in person! I loved the service she provided for me, and the end result was better than I could have imagined!

I didn’t know if she’d be able to capture my voice (especially when sometimes I’m not even sure I know my voice!) but the content she wrote sounded exactly like me (just better organized!) + it was ENGAGING. I was actually interested to read my own content and this was incredible! From just one video I had so much material: a blog post, a few IG/ LI posts and quotes that I could use.

So if you’re thinking of hiring Emma – DO IT! You won’t regret it!

- Mili Velikova, Business Coach

The content Emma wrote sounded exactly like me (just better organized!) + it was ENGAGING.

 When I was younger, you could often find me scribbling away songs and poems in my journal or performing with my band.

When I got older, I studied Communications at university and some of my favourite courses revolved around film + audio production and editing.

Whether through song, video, writing or imagery, I’ve been experimenting with different types of media for most of my life. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with making things and telling stories.

(I spent more time eating baguettes, cheese + wine than studying tbh) and have been at it ever since.

I’ve visited over 20 countries, and had lived abroad in 4.

There’s nothing more exciting to me than discovering new places, cultures, and people!

I caught the travel bug when I did an exchange in the French Alps

I’m over-the-moon obsessed with my ragdoll cat, Gabby.

I think goats are the cutest things to walk this earth, and my dream retirement scenario would definitely be opening up an animal sanctuary getting to spend my days in the company of animal pals.

I’m an animal lover at heart. 

You can often find perusing the self-help section (imo it should really be called self-growth!).

I love starting my days off with Morning Pages and squeezing in a bit of meditation when I can!

I LOVE all things personal development. 

Here are some fun facts!

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